FairyFloss1Fairy Floss

Looking for easy and effective fair floss machines that can give you the quality – and quantity- that you need? Then our machines are perfect for you. They produce instant floss that is high quality, easy to eat and extremely easy to make – it can provide up to 150 servings, too, so you should be able to keep everyone more that happy with one of these awesome fairy floss machines!

You won’t need to mess around with any dials and try to make sure it’s working correctly, or go on some training course to get the hang of it – this just works. It’s a beginners dream so if you are trying to throw a party for the kids but aren’t sure how or where to get started this might just be the best place! Simply add in your sugar and you are going to be able to keep all of the kids at the party in a great mood!

Charge up to 10c for each sale and you can make a nice profit on the end to help cover up the costs of the machine and the various ingredients that you needed You can get everything you could possibly need from our easy to manage store that is compete with ingredients, cups, mixes and even straws – so contact us HERE for more helpful details!

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