By David Begg September 13, 2014

Want to create a memorable kids party that has all the kids saying, “Wow, that was the BEST party ever!”
1.    Make sure there are enough adults to supervise the kids – this number varies with the age of the children.
2.    Keep the children busy with games or crafts and food so they don’t get bored or grumpy.
3.    Bake (or order) plenty of food.  Kids love finger food that is colourful and fun – like cocktail sausages, fairy bread, and jelly cubes.
4.    Plan your party games carefully so there is a mix of quiet games and energetic games to work off energy.
Pass the parcel, musical chairs and round games are great choices.
5.    Most kids love making something to take home so consider a craft activity.
6.    Provide unstructured activities for kids who don’t enjoy games or crafts, or who finish quickly – a bouncing castle is a great way to do this!
7.    Have a novelty birthday cake.
Maybe you’d like to book a bouncing castle for supervised, unstructured  play that keeps kids busy in between other activities.  Call Castles4U on 0405 55 585 to book a bouncing castle and host a “wow!” party, without the work.

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